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Grammys 2024

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Another year, another Grammys. As per usual, fashion took center stage at music’s biggest event of the year—and not just any fashion, but Vintage. From the stage to the red carpet, artists donned timeless looks that caught the eyes of fashion enthusiasts. Today, we have Hayden Curtin, founder of Upper East Vintage, to share her insights and opinions on the standout Vintage looks from the event.  

Hayden, you mentioned that Billie Eilish’s outfit looked like it should’ve stayed in Barbie’s, and Billie’s, closet. Could you elaborate on what didn’t work for you in this look?

Billie Eilish is known for her unique style, and she’s served up some cool looks. However, the 1965 ‘Poodle Parade’ Barbie outfit replica she wore while performing What Was I Made For felt underwhelming, and it lacked the sophistication and timelessness that I appreciate in Vintage fashion. Undoubtably, Barbie has been a major theme of this past year, but it would have been nice to celebrate Billie’s musical talent with Billie dressed as herself, performing her incredible song. The color combination did not flatter Billie, and the whole ensemble simply felt saturated with Barbie aesthetics. Despite understanding the concept that they were trying to achieve, the execution was a big miss for me.  

Rating: 5.5/10

Olivia Rodrigo made a stunning appearance in Vintage Versace, what details on the dress stood out to you?

Olivia Rodrigo's Versace gown from the 1995 Spring Collection was a juxtaposition of youthful energy and Vintage elegance, creating a memorable red-carpet moment. The dress—older than 20-year-old Olivia herself—evoked high-school nostalgia for me. I loved the clean look, with the simple jewelry, and the dress’s delicate embellishment of red and white beading. It's refreshing to see younger celebrities embrace Vintage looks that bring a fresh perspective to timeless trends. 

Rating: 9/10

Caroline Polachek’s look understandably caught your attention—can you share your thoughts on how the quite literal heart-on-your-sleeve aspect played into the overall outfit?

Caroline's dress, an Olivier Theyskens piece from 1998, had a unique design incorporating vein-like patterns. It was a bold choice that added an unexpected twist to the Vintage aesthetic, creating a conversation-worthy ensemble. Although it felt off-season and a bit overpowering for her silhouette, I appreciate the creativity of the garment. Keeping the veins inside might have been a better choice.

Rating: 7/10

On the theme of keeping things inside, Miley Cyrus did the exact opposite, bringing out all the stops as she channeled the 70s icon, Cher. What is your favorite look of the night?

Miley beautifully embodied the essence of Cher with her look from Bob Mackie’s 2002 “To Broadway with Love” collection. The homage to Mackie’s iconic style was impeccable—the construction, fringe, and metallic shine created a phenomenal outfit that balanced bodycon and subtlety perfectly on Miley’s fame. After almost 50 years, Bob Mackie can do no wrong on the red carpet!

Rating: 10/10

You stated that Oprah Winfrey’s outfit celebrated her slimmed-down shape without being “over the top.” Can you elaborate on this idea of effortless style?

Oprah’s 2004 Valentino ensemble as a tribute to Tina Turner was cool and fun, while exemplifying timeless chic style. This look also just made the Vintage cut-off—if you didn’t know, an item must be at least 20 years old to be classified as Vintage. The two-piece set adds movement, and the sequin detailing plays with light as the fitted silhouette tastefully highlights her figure. This whole look just proves once again that Vintage fashion can be both timeless and contemporary.

Rating: 8.5/10

Any final thoughts? Tips or tricks on styling vintage?

Whether I loved the look, or loathed the look, you know where to find your perfect look at Upper East Vintage on Madison Avenue.  

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