Packing List: Hayden's Must-Haves for Bridgehampton

Packing List: Hayden's Must-Haves for Bridgehampton

THE BAG: The ultimate go anywhere, do anything “Everything Bag”

Summertime: The season of eagerly-awaited getaways and spontaneous invites is officially here! Introducing a new series that tackles what to pack in your weekender bag every Friday from now until Labor Day.

1. This summer’s “I stayed-up-all-night to finish” novel.

2. Allllll the cool Vintage vibes, without the bummer UVB rays.

3. A dress that serves style...Go from the court to the cocktail feeling aces!

4. A golden glow that prevents looking like one of the “Golden Girls.”

5. And of course, a chic pair of Vintage day-to-night earrings! These Edouard Rambaud stunners always make a entrance.

With these essentials packed in the "Everything Bag," you will be ready for any summer adventure. Follow Hayden's lead and load up your ultimate bag with these practical and chic items for a guaranteed effortless and relaxing summer weekend!

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